Yogic Journey

The path to self discovery.

Laurel Brooke Erilane grew up as a competitive athlete who constantly pushed her body to its limit. She first discovered yoga in her adolescence as an alternative therapy when several sports injuries prevented her from playing with such intensity. Laurel began her practice in 2002 and started her teacher training in 2007. She continues to educate herself through trainings and workshops with internationally recognized teachers to stay inspired. She has over a decade of teaching experience and over a thousand teacher training hours from

Mukti Yoga SchoolWanderlust, Pranja Yoga & Yoga Medicine.


With a consistent practice for over half her life, she brings an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology into her intelligent sequencing. Her teaching style emphasizes proper anatomical alignment through both classical and modern variations, incorporating the union of breath and fluid movement with deep dynamic stretches and guided meditation.


She loves connecting to nature through outdoor sports like rock climbing, surfing, snowboading, sailing, hiking, and camping.

She is a free-spirited lover of the arts, especially music, and has taught at many prominent festivals. She has also co-founded and produced wellness events that focus on healing through yoga, nutrition, and community connection. Laurel recognizes the yogic journey as a lifelong practice, which has guided her to travel, live, co-create, and teach internationally. 


Laurel believes every time you step on the mat is an opportunity to deepen your sense of self and learn more about finding your own personal peace. As every day presents new challenges, we must first do the work on ourselves in order to uplift others around us.