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As a Yoga / Meditation Instructor, Wellness Specialist, and Experience Designer, I am on a mission to uplift everyone around me. My hope is to inspire others to seek longevity through consistent purposeful practices. Conscious thought, deliberate movement, and empathy toward others create positive actions. In this world full of chaos, I recognize the yogic journey as a lifelong practice, which has guided me on the path of helping others gravitate toward their own inner wisdom.

For those who are attracted by an irresistible force to live a mindful life, I welcome you!

The essence of this personal transformational healing brings a greater connection not only to ourselves, it also has the potential to create an intentionally uplifted community all around us. 

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With over 20 years of experience mastering the art of the body & mind, I am here for you!

It is my honor to guide you toward a deeper understanding of yourself. My goal is to assist you towards harnessing your own unique strengths while unraveling your subconscious holding patterns that may be creating blockages.    


Be inspired. I love co-creating magic at eclectic live events & sharing like-minded brands I love with the wellness community. Reach out if you are interested in collaborating or hiring me to create an original experience. 

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Thank you for visiting my site. I sincerely look forward to connecting with you! My universal goal is to facilitate unity by promoting self-awareness as a means to uplift everyone around us.


Your practice starts when you want it to.

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